The Barber formed in May 2012.
Over a period of 4 years the band managed to release 4 and release of several singles.
Take part in a mass cover collections from various web-formations.
Make several clips, as well as to go to the 4rd round in the Russian Federation.
And take a firm place in the underground scene.
As the band played on the support from the Dutch "John Coffey" during their concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
C 2016 group is to support the brand "Vans Russia".
Music "The Barber" - is a classic rock 'n' roll riffs in the spirit of Motorhead, passed through a prism powerful mix of rock 'n' roll, punk, hardcore, hard rock with a lively and stylish vintage sound and modern hard feed.
In September 2016 the band have mini tour in Israel, unto which they performed with bands such as "City Rats", "Kids Insane" and others.